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When the River Runs Dry

TW: Suicide Recently, I gave someone very close to me an analogy. They had been going through a difficult time, experiencing intense depression. I told them that life mimics the water of the earth: the lakes, rivers, and oceans. Most of your life you’re in a large calm body of water (a lake)- sometimes we swim through that body of water looking for new opportunities, or a storm or powerful wave will come and force us into a different body of water (a river). Once we’ve found ourselves in moving water, we have to trust where the current will take us, because swimming upstream is exhausting. Eventually, the river will take us back into a different calm, open water. They had said that the analogy was helping them, but shortly there after they made an attempt on their life, jumping off a bridge and into a river. So, is that what happens when the river runs dry?


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