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Lush Cosmetics Photography

I recently had the opportunity to photograph a product for one of my classes. The assignment was to choose a product photo, to recreate it, and then to use the same product(s) and set elements to create four other images for a full campaign. I chose to use one of my favorite products, Lush's Sleepy Body Lotion. Looking through Lush's campaign photography, I loved their styling of the products and the fact that they create scent stories in their images. The photographs are always so inviting and help you to image the fragrance. I had so much fun choosing which fragrances to piece together, and finding the styling components to go with them. I decided to stick with my favorite part of the Sleepy fragrance, and design my images around lavender. Below are my final images:

Spread of my lavender fragrance story

Goddess bath bomb

Model, Iris, and the Sleepy Lotion

Naked packaging= good for the environment= good for you

Lush products that are staples in my shower


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