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Feeling Good

This quarter at SCAD, I've had the amazing opportunity to take a class called Video Techniques for Photographers. I went into the class knowing absolutely nothing about audio equipment, film techniques, or any sort of video editing software. Before, I was getting by on still images, and iMovie, when needed. Learning a new medium has certainly broadened my horizons as an artist and jump started me creatively. There are often things I want to express, and photography just simply isn't the best medium to do it in.

I've dealt with depression for most of my life. I think of my depression as a body of water that I'm floating on the surface of. Sometimes, a wave crashes into me and drags me below the surface- sometimes I bob right back up to the top, sometimes it takes me a while to get myself back up to the surface, and sometimes, when it's really bad, I don't even want to try to swim back up towards the sunlight, and I need someone to dive in, take me by the hand, and pump their legs alongside me. The most important part of this cycle, though, is that I always come back to the surface.

This piece, in particular, is titled "Feeling Good", and implements the song by the incomparable Nina Simone. The song is full of such emotion, and I think suits the theme of my story, be it a juxtaposition or a an aid to the visuals and concept.

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