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Lexie Peterson is a photographer based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She was raised in Milwaukee where her parents, who also creatives, encouraged her interest in the visual and performing arts. They exposed her to many artistic mediums, and she became most interested in photography and theatre. As a result, much of her work is very theatrical, as she often treats her camera as a stage: composing and building evocative narratives and scenes. Lexie is a SA survivor, living with PTSD. Her photography functions as a form of therapy, and much of her imagery confronts her trauma, diagnosis, healing process, and allows her to connect with other survivors. She specializes in fine art and portrait photography, but also works in the commercial and documentary spheres. She works with a variety of photographic media, from DSLR and the Adobe Suite, to large format film and alternative darkroom processes. Her work has been exhibited at the Kennedy Center, the Milwaukee Art Museum, Sulfur Studios, Black Box Gallery, the H.F. Johnson Gallery of Art, SCAD’s Alexander Hall Gallery, and others. She has received awards such as an Award of Excellence from the Kennedy Center, a Silver Key Award and Honorable Mention Awards in the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition, Carthage College’s Purchase Award, as well as a variety of scholarships and grants. Lexie graduated from Savanah College of Art and Design (SCAD), Savannah, where she earned a BFA in Photography with a concentration in Fine Art Photography.

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